History of the emergence of cats

These mysterious creatures appeared next to a man for a long time and a lot of means to him.
Feline flourishing reign was the ancient Egyptian civilization . If you go to any museum , studying and showing us the culture of ancient Egypt, will draw your attention to a statue of a woman with a cat's head. This - the goddess Bastet, one of the main and most revered goddesses in ancient Egypt - the goddess of fertility and motherhood, and other sources - the goddess of joy and fun, music and dance, health and healing, protects from evil and misfortune...
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Natural feeding of cats Pottenger

Michel Bernard, spent nearly a decade, analyzing what causes cats to be healthy and energetic. Freelance writer who breeds and shows American Shorthair, it retained its own healthy cats using feeding raw meat and plain common sense since 1993." Early Lessons in proper feeding of Pottenger Cats" are full chapter excerpt from her book.
The results of a decade of research nutrition cats spent a little over 70 years ago by Dr. Potendzherom in California show that feeding cats raw food has a positive impact on their health and condition, compared with cats that eat cooked meat.
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The benefits of natural feeding

1. Any animal has a peculiar mind the type of feeding. Because dogs and cats - predators , they must deal with this meat and grass . In the role of grass we serve vegetables, but this is the board for the domestication of animals . It already entails some mental changes. But the meat of this , we can give them . If predator constantly gnaws crunches his type of food has ceased to fulfill the natural 
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What is inside of animal feed?

Fat chicks, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains, and all sorts of nutrients that are needed for your cat or dog. It is this idea of moving feed feed manufacturers through advertising and the media. Feed manufacturers want consumers to believe it when they buy their products.
This report shows the difference between what consumers think they are buying and what they are actually buying. It relates primarily to consumer goods - that is, brands that are widely sold in supermarkets and convenience stores. However, many reputable brands can be accused of the same.
Most of the consumers do not know that the production of prepared feeds for pets ( henceforth referred to simply " feed ", this word always means exactly and only the finished feed....
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Content in the indoor environment , especially in violation zoohygenic norms and prevailing environmental conditions, lead to a decrease in natural resistance of the immune system of cats to infectious diseases. Cold , excessive heat , fatigue , feeding poor food , stress - this is the most unfavorable factors affecting the immune system and the cat's health . Pathogenic microbes and viruses often enter the body through the digestive tract and the respiratory system. A cat can become infected and in contact with a sick animal....
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Pregnancy of cat

Puberty in cats comes to 7-9 months . But to reduce the cat young cat better after a year, at most, 10 months - if the cat is beyond measure , and early sexual activity (often flowing and it threatens to turn into a prolonged estrus ). But the cat needs to be healthy and strong so that it can not only get pregnant and give birth to kittens but without risk to their health. Two first estrus cats tend to pass , and on the third knitted estrus . Intervals between heats at different cats are different. More often it is 15-25 days , but sometimes there are cats that flow once or twice a year. Average duration of estrus 6-8 days.
Easiest pass mating cats under the age of one and a half years to two years if the cat remains nerazvyazannoy , further problems may arise - such a cat can fend for themselves cat to be aggressive.
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What to do with “labels” unsterilized cats and cats?

You first need to understand why the cat marks. Believe me, he does so not to annoy you or avenge you. In its nature laid guarding instinct of its territory. Their labels as if he lets you know all the cats that may encroach on this territory : "I'M  THE MAIN CAT". In the feline family , living in the wild , not all cats are labeled from the family. Cats strictly follow the hierarchy of the family, so right on the label has only GlavKot family. Tags from the " younger " cats - a rebellion , an attempt to take the place of the "older". Thus, in order to mark the cat stopped , he must prove that the main cat here is not it , and you ( and, accordingly, to mark territory that now you will do).
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Prepubertal gonadectomy (early castration) of dogs and cats

In the U.S., gaining popularity early castration of puppies and kittens ( 6-7 weeks old) . This allowed to accumulate information on security procedures and long-term adverse effects. More and more customers are willing to castrate their pets at an early age , realizing the benefits of the procedure as for veterinarians and owners . Castrated at an early age the recovery period after surgery in puppies and kittens less than traditional timing of castration , is also reported to reduce the mortality rate . Early castration - a reliable tool for controlling the number of animals annually in the U.S. subjected euthanasia millions of healthy dogs and cats. Therefore , early castration can be useful both for pets and....
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Everything about newborn kittens

Healthy newborn kitten the first 3 weeks of life and all happy most of the time is spent in sleep , waking up only to eat. About 8 hours per day spent on kitten food and not separated from the mother's nipple to 45 minutes. Most kittens adapt to any one nipple and find it by smell. If some iron does not appeal to kittens , she soon stops producing milk.

Good mother instinctively protects nest and support kittens in pure form. It stimulates ejection reflex ( mochevyvedeniya and defecation ) , licking the abdomen and rectal area of each kitten .
Kittens are born blind and are beginning to open their eyes to the 8th day, fully....
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