Savannah f1  ! new litter of kittens available
Savannah f2  
new litter planned 
Savannah f3   ! new litter of kittens available
Savannah f4    new litter planned 
Savannah f5 (SBT)   ! new litter of kittens was born in  August 2022

All the kittens have full complex of official documents:
   - A contract of sale;
   - U.S. documents TICA (metric, which varies by ancestry);
   - pet passport (vaccinations depending on age)
   - Veterinary health certificate;

   - Viral and genetic tests;
   - Micro chip;
   - CITES

Status of the kitten:

"Booked" - the kitten is withheld and is regarded as
possible future producer nursery possible further sale
"Order" - this kitten for sale negotiations, the deposit until
introduced ;
"Available" - kitten for sale, and can be reserved ;
"Reserved" - the kitten is reserved , the deposit has been done.
"Sold" - kitten has moved into a new house.

Phone: +7 (911)257-80-48 Jane


 Skype: Janesemenova


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